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TCT in Germany is a specialist partner in advertising media, import, marketing and communication for more than 25 years.
For the austrian and international market in the year 2007 an independent agency, the TCT Marketing GmbH, was established.
In our showrooms located in the heart of Mannersdorf (Austria) we present world-famous branded articles as well as examples of standard and special products and concepts for high-volume distribution. We offer a large range of product packaging, inpacks and onpacks, customized promotional items, which are used efficiently for your sales promotions, POS campaigns and to support you in acquiring new customers and enhancing customer loyalty.

We conceive and develop short-term campaigns and long-term bonus systems as well as the entire spectrum of associated services. Our in-house logistics infrastructure, with its extremely variable warehousing volume, guarantees smooth packing, storage and transportation process flows.

Worldwide delivery from Germany or from the individual producers in Europe, Asia or America to (almost) any of the 192 countries in the world, directly to your event or regional office, is business as usual for us.

Our local team is at your disposal at any time.

Office Austria
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